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September 01, 2021  •  1 Comment

How are you doing there out there today? Are you thriving or surviving? Some of both in different areas of your life? Have your child/children come home and are exhausted after going full force with school and sports starting up ? If so we feel you here in the Shultz house and I had to take control and rein in the crazy.  

One thing I started doing that I do every year is set up Multiple alarms on my phone, and it's a game changer!

Smith Family 2019 (46 of 69)Smith Family 2019 (46 of 69)

My first important alarm is to off when my kids need to buckle down and actually get dressed, get their teeth brushed  etc. We call this the  "20 min warning" alarm. They know they have 20 mins from this alarm until its time to leave. It has been a life saver especially with my youngest who thinks he really has all the  time in the world. Then another alarm goes off when it's time to leave. We rarely run late with this system. 

The second important alarm I have is set for 4:30 after school. This reminds me to get into their back packs, check folders, have them empty lunch boxes and water bottles, and put their mask in the hamper. I also start dinner.  If I don't, I'll get busy and start too late while trying to get a child out the door for an activity and then its another sandwich dinner. We get a lot of those if we aren't careful.

The final alarm is set for 8:30 - This one helps the next day go smoothly. We pick out the next days outfits, get backpacks ready, clean mask in, snack ready, water bottles out to be filled. Someone is to take the recycling/trash out. We look at tomorrows school lunch option. If they want a home lunch I pull the lunch boxes out and start pre paring what can sit out while we sleep.

Usually during this time my husband, kids and I are helping get dinner cleaned up, showers in , doing the dishes and  feeding dogs. Theres a lot that goes on at 8:30-9:00 but with all 5 doing it, it takes about 20 minutes. At this point I also set out my work out clothes and daily clothes for in the am.

I'm not saying this is fool proof. But it's a start and a lot better than running around feeling like my life is chaotic! What tips do you use to help yourself stay on track? Share your ideas!

Good luck Parents!

Please share with any parents you feel that could benefit from a little bit of these tips.
Natalie S.


Such a great idea!!
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